Crepes – In the Tradition of Brittany

Thank you for visiting my web page, designed to give you a sampling of my experience in the culinary industry.

I prepare classic French crepes in farmer’s markets and venues throughout Madison, Wisconsin. Sweet and savory crepes are made to order using several choice recipes for my batters, including 100% Buckwheat Galettes!

Savory fillings may include delicious local cheeses (especially fresh goat milk -chèvre!), caramelized onions, tapenade and truffle oil. Choose sweet filings such as lemon curd, Bretagne salty caramel, fruit preserves, local honey and maple syrup and occasionally, Crepes Suzette!

I am educated in the classic French model and cook many cuisines. My range in the culinary industry is a reflection of my passion for gastronomy and experience.


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At the Table – Recipes and Techniques is a memoir and a cookbook dedicated to my children and my teacher, Jacques Pepin. Anyone aspiring to be a cook, on any level, will gain greater skills and confidence.


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